Madeya Bijoux is in the image of its creator. The desire to share with all women a trip high in jewelry and encourage female solidarity.

We are the first high fashion jewelery brand to offer you unique creations by country.

Our goal is to promote strong, fascinating women who are proud of their journey.

We have created a House with solid foundations such as cultural diversity, solidarity and personal development.

Lady Amanda, the definition of elegance

I want it

Madeya Bijoux accompanies you for the most beautiful day of your life.

For my wedding

The most beautiful day of your life

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A know-how

At Madeya Bijoux we want to travel the world in jewelry. Discover the know-how of other creators.


Promote creative artisans country by country.


All women are valuable to us.

the elegant woman

She is strong, fascinating and proud of her career.

We offer you a tray to put your jewelry on when you buy an item

We take care of you

The world is full of wonders and designer jewelers who are just waiting to sublimate you. To be closer to you and again, to offer you rare jewelry handmade with love, professionalism and delicacy.

At Madeya Bijoux we advocate cultural diversity, because we are convinced that we have a lot to learn from other cultures.

Become an ambassador

"Elegance is a wealth that we can afford"

— Madeya Diack