How to wear the “Linguére 2.0” ring?

Comment porter la bague "Linguére 2.0" ? - Madeya Bijoux

The Linguère 2.0 ring will enhance your looks with harmony. This ring is inspired by Senegalese women nicknamed "Linguére" which means Queen.

Our ring is a modernized version of the classic ring with trendier designs and materials like 18k gold plating. Designed by Madeya Diack, the creator of the "Madeya Bijoux" brand then made by hand in Senegal, more precisely in Dakar at the artisanal village.

In this article, we will give you tips for wearing the “lingère 2.0” ring with style and elegance.

  1. The lingerie ring 2.0 can be worn with different clothing styles. It can be worn with a casual or dressy outfit. For a more dressy look, you can wear it with the famous black dress or if you like colors it will be perfect with a hot look: wide white flared pants, a cobalt blue blouse, white shoes sneakers, heels or not , the decision is yours.
  2. If you prefer a bohemian style, you can pair it with pearl jewelry, multi-strand necklaces, and gold or black earrings.
  3. A more elegant look will be perfect with the ring which will give it an artistic and unique look.

You will have understood, the Linguére 2.0 ring is made to go with all your looks, from the most minimalist to the most creative and extravagant.

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