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Turkey is renowned for its rich jewelry tradition, which dates back thousands of years. Turkish jewelry is distinguished by its beauty, exquisite craftsmanship and use of precious materials.

One of Turkey's most iconic jewelry styles is "Sultan's jewelry". This jewelry was once worn by members of the Ottoman royal family and high dignitaries of the empire. They were adorned with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies, as well as pearls and colorful enamels. The Sultan's jewelry was often made of gold and silver, with intricate designs and delicate details.

Another popular style of Turkish jewelry is “Turkish Filigree”. This ancient technique involves using thin strips of metal (usually silver) to create intricate, openwork designs. Turkish filigree jewelry is valued for its lightness and elegance, and is often adorned with precious or semi-precious stones.

Turkey is also known for its turquoise jewelry. Turquoise is a precious stone that has been used in Turkish crafts for centuries. It is often associated with luck, protection and healing. Turkish turquoise jewelry is renowned for its vibrant color and quality craftsmanship.

Finally, Turkey is famous for its gold mosaic jewelry. This technique involves creating complex patterns using small pieces of gold cut out and assembled like mosaics. Turkish gold mosaic jewelry is unique and highly appreciated for its beauty and originality.

In short, the richness of jewelry in Turkey lies in the combination of traditional craft techniques, precious materials and unique designs. Turkish jewelry is a testament to the country's history and culture, and continues to be highly valued both nationally and internationally.